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Guide To Facebook Ads

Facebook has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms among all the other social media platforms available today. It has the most significant user base out with over 2 billion monthly active users, and these users spell out the massive potential for marketers. Therefore, it is becoming one of the most popular online advertising channels. If you as a business owner is not making use of such a great platform, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. 

How can Facebook ads help you grow? 

  • You can use it to increase your Facebook event attendance, visibility, and social proof, which would you get higher attendance. 
  • Attract new customers by promoting a current high-performing post. 
  • Facebook has user information (name, place, age, location). They know the interest of the users and understand who would like to buy what products. It helps to connect with new users who may be interested in your brand and then leading them to like your page so you’ll be able to keep in touch in the future. 

Tips that will help you to engage with your customers through your Facebook ads. 

1. Narrow audience and then write ads 

Write ads according to the people. Don’t write your ads like you are writing a speech. Think of your ads as though you are a salesperson persuading 

them 101 by focusing all your attention on each separate person and their needs. 

2. Visuals are Important

I am sure we all have heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If your image doesn’t match or tell what your ad is about, then it will confuse the customers. Make sure to attach an excellent visual with your copy. 

3. Call-to-Action Button 

When writing Facebook ads, have explicit goals. Decide what is it you want from these ads. Are you trying to get more leads, sell a product, or increase brand awareness? Without a call to action button, the customers or FB users will have no idea where to click, or what to do. This is why it is most important to have a clear call-to-action. 

4. Short ads 

No one has the time nor likes to read long ads. When you write ads, make sure it is small with valuable information. Focus on the things that will attract your customers the most. 

If you want your Facebook ads to work, you need more to understand how the platform works and the basic guidelines of Facebook advertising. To dominate this area, it takes preparation, creativity, and consistency.

Image credit: Will Francis

Hyder Hussaini

Hyder Hussaini

Creative Director

Hyder Hussaini is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a Creative Director at iNext Digital Marketing Agency, he looks after creating the brands that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. He works as the channel between the brand and the consumer.