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How To Build A Brand On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful and hottest platforms among all the social media networks right now. Every day over 500 million people use this site, which makes it an incredibly effective way to build a strong brand by sharing creative content with a large audience. 

But it’s not as simple as you think. To be a successful brand on Instagram, you need to have some right strategies in your pocket. In this post, we will discuss the most effective tips that will help you build a successful brand on Instagram. 

1. Research & Strategy 

Before you begin with your journey on Instagram, the first step is to formulate a strategy by researching. The foundation and success of your brand depend on this particular step. If you get this right, then the rest of the process becomes easier. There are a few things you have to consider before you post. 

  • Set Goals– Using Instagram without clear goals is a futile exercise. Not having clear goals will waste a lot of time, and you will get little to no responses. Your goals must align with the overall digital marketing goals of your brand. 
  • Target Audience– Knowing your audience is the key in this process. If you don’t know your audience, then there won’t be any engagement which results in failure. 
  • Hire Product Photographers– Instagram is all about aesthetics. A picture is what that attracts the attention on this platform. If this is not good, then there is no chance for growth. 

2. Content Style and Theme 

As I have mentioned above, Instagram is a place of visual content. The better the visual, the faster brand success. Your main focus on this platform should be on theme and style. Stick to a particular theme that suits your brand and create your brand identity. Being consistent with your style and themes maximize your brand’s potential on Instagram. 

3. Hashtags 

After the visuals, the second most important feature of Instagram is Hashtag. Smart use of hashtags gives your brand exposure to a broader audience and maximize impact. Many people can discover you and your business through this amazing feature. Through this feature, you can bring people to your page. We recommend using about 15 hashtags per post. 

4. Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories and Instagram Live is an exclusive feature that can take your brand to whole different heights. With this, you can show the behind the scenes, which make them feel like a part of your brand. This also builds trust and more genuine relation between you and your audience. But these stories disappear within 24 hours. So, if you want them to stay on your feed permanently then you can put them as your highlights, and it will stay there, and people can see them anytime. 

5. Be Consistent 

Instagram is also a competitive place. If you don’t post consistently, then it wouldn’t be surprising that you will be stuck and won’t move any further in this journey. While posting always might seem time-consuming, it’ll help build your brand on Instagram. Easy tip to do this is reusing strong content. 

Following these steps can help you establish your brand on Instagram. This platform serves as a venue for brands that want to increase their audience engagement by building their authority through appealing visuals and catchy captions. 

Hyder Hussaini

Hyder Hussaini

Creative Director

Hyder Hussaini is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a Creative Director at iNext Digital Marketing Agency, he looks after creating the brands that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. He works as the channel between the brand and the consumer.