Unpacking the Samsung GALAXY S5

One of our regular Vodafone Community Enthusiasts, Cyrille was up at the crack of dawn this morning getting the low down on Samsung’s new flagship device, the GALAXY S5. He’s pulled together everything you need to know in this guest post:

 (Disclaimer: This is a wrap up of the global launch event any features may vary in the Australian local market)

Cryille Writes:

This phone is nothing like what its predecessors had to offer because Samsung claims it has been listening to what customers really want and I agree after the brief presentation on this device.

The new ground-breaking device is offering meaningful and relevant improvements for day to day use, with the five points of a powerful camera, fitness tools, a new glam design, improved speed, and a life friendly device being the main focus which Samsung hopes will double their so-far  200,000,000 million sales of their S series.

So, lets jump into what this device really holds:

  1. 4 Colour options of Shimmering white, electric blue, charcoal black, and gold.
  2. Full LTE Cat4, wifi, mimo (802.11.ac), download booster.
  3. Powerful camera, fast autofocus, advanced HTR, improved user experience.
  4. Fitness personalised-built in heart rate sensor which can be tailored to each person’s use  5.  IP67 water and dust resistant  6.  Samsung Knox-mobile security evolution  7.  Ultra power saving mode  8.  Unique perforated design

Jean-Daniel Ayne, the head of Euro telecomm, presented an in depth look at what the new model holds.


The back panels also come in designer variants by Nicholas Kirkwood and Moschino. He claims that Samsung have come up with a clean and vibrant user interface with a 5.1’ Full HD Super Amoled  screen while the S4 packed a 5 inch screen. As with the previous model, this offers superb visual quality, with the 1080p still at play here, great contrast and brightness levels, and robust colour reproduction. It also comes with a super dimming and adaptive display that smartphones have never seen the likes of. The battery has been boosted from the 2600mAh to 2800mAh with 10hrs claimed LTE talk time. The design is also fairly squarer than the S4 with curved corners.


The Samsung GALAXY S4 used a 13-megpixel back-illuminated sensor (BSI) with LED flash, 1080p video and a number of built-in features such as dual-capture mode with both front and rear-facing cameras.

On the GALAXY S5 the camera is a fairly major update with a 16-megapixel sensor. It features a 0.3 second capture speed and “Selective Focus”, which is a little bit like a Lytro camera in that it lets re-select the focus of the image later on(enhanced lighting even with a darker background). The phone can also capture 4K Ultra HD video and has an “HDR Live” mode allowing you to see how enabling HDR will change your photo before you capture. These are some really compelling camera changes, some of the GALAXY S4’s tweaks felt gimmicky but this time round we’ve got a smaller selection of very practical and useful options.There is also a larger Phase detection system than the S4 which helps capture all the important things in life. It boasts a 0.3secs Auto flash ,the fastest in a smartphone ever. Blur effect is also an inbuilt feature of the camera which goes hand in hand with the Selective focus.


Unlike the GALAXY S4 releasing in Cat 3 and 4 variants , the S5 will come with LTE Cat 4 right out of the box. There have also been claims that the S5 will come with a Snapdragon 800 Quad core processor compared to the 600 processor used by the S4 which also came out in other variants. The precise details of the S5 will be released tomorrow according to Mr. Shin Not to forget the latest in Wifi technology with the 802.11.ac ,USB 3.0 and IR blaster.


There’s a big emphasis on health features with the GALAXY S5, expanding on Samsung’s S-Health app, which is now in version 3.0. The GALAXY S5 features a sensor under the camera port(next to the flash) which can be used in conjunction with S-Health to monitor your heart rate, but this isn’t the main fingerprint feature of the phone. As per the rumour, there’s a fingerprint scanner and it’s located under the Home key on the front of the device. You have to scan your finger multiple times to get it working, but once it’s setup you can unlock your phone with a simple scan of your fingertip and Samsung is working in conjunction with PayPal to allow mobile payments with the scanner too. The phone is also designed to withstand what life throws at your everyday with an IP67 Water and dust resistant. The Samsung GALAXY S4 came out in a separate water-resistant model called the Active.

It also boasts an Ultra power saver mode which helps in times of need by turning the phone black and white allowing it to standby in this mode for 24hrs.Samsung will also be running the latest 4.4 Kitkat right out of the box. Another new feature I’m liking is the private mode which helps you keep your content private.

In conclusion Samsung have been really listening to what the customers really want and have delivered a device which I think will be loved by many. Samsung has finally gotten around to addressing many of our gripes with its build quality, software and UI. Something to really look forward to in the coming days….

Great wrap up Cyrille, thank you.

If you’re keen to be one of the first to get your hot little hands on a Samsung GALAXY S5 register your interest and over here

Source: http://community.vodafone.com.au/t5/Vodafone-Blog/Unpacking-the-Samsung-GALAXY-S5/ba-p/320313


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